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Effective Digital Marketing from Conception to Execution

Opticast Media Inc. is a lean, results-oriented, online marketing corporation lead by its founder, Mathew Berg. The corporation is supported by Opticast’s business partnerships with various web development firms like Barrel Strength Design and digital creative freelancers. Opticast Media also supports other marketing companies such as Parker Avenue Advertising and Unearth in online initiatives for their clients. Opticast Media takes a comprehensive strategic planning approach, employing best practices as it relates to online marketing, SEO, SEM, and SMM.

By establishing key performance indicators for clients and utilizing various analytic reporting platforms, Opticast Media can set benchmarks and show how to grow visitor traffic, conversions, and margin. In particular, Mathew Berg has successfully shifted marketing efforts from negative or break-even margins to structuring lucrative search, display marketing media buys, and creative.